Class Definitons

Factory Stock – Any model representing a vehicle as delivered by the factory, in
unmodified form. Class is divided into 3 groups; 1949 and older, 1950-1965 and 1966-
and newer.

Muscle Cars – American V-8 powered performance vehicles. 1962-1972

Street Rods – Vintage vehicles modified for speed or appearance dating from 1900 to
1948, including pro street vehicles.

Customs – Vehicles featuring moderate to extensive body modifications such as
chopping, channeling, nosing, decking, shaving, frenching, lowering and/or featuring
special paint work.

Street Machine – The key word is “street” for this class. Any car dating from 1949
through today, including pro street vehicles is eligible.

First Responders – Public safety and light military vehicles.

Competition/Drag – Any vehicle designed for straight line acceleration trials.

Competition/Road & Track – Any vehicle built for sanctioned competition, except
drag cars. LSR, NASCAR, F1, WRC, Indy, etc.

Motorcycles – Any 2 or 3-wheeled motorcycles in any scale are eligible.

Tuners and Low-riders – Tuner: Performance tuned street vehicles generally based
upon imports. Low-rider: A radically lowered suspension, custom paint and often based
on a large American car.

Slammers and Curbside – Slammers: Vehicles with no engine, chassis or interior
detail (blacked out windows-all) with attention paid only to paint finish and exterior
detailing. Curbside: Any model that was built with no engine. Full interiors are required.

Large Scale – Any subject larger than 1/24th scale.

Small Scale – Any subject smaller than 1/25th scale.

Light Commercial – This class is limited to municipal or commercial vehicles based
upon passenger cars, or trucks up to ¾ Ton.

Heavy Commercial – Eligible entries will be 1 Ton or more including mass
transportation, commercial trucking and heavy industrial vehicles.

Dioramas & Miscellaneous– Sci-fi, figure, armor, alternative medium, aircraft and
water going vessels. Dioramas tell a story or reflect an event in history. Vehicles
placed on a simple base, such as one that resembles a parking space and features no
other detail should be entered in one of the other classes.

Juniors – Any model of any type built solely by a hobbyist under the age of 16 as of
the date of the contest. Adults, please keep the playing field even.

Resin Bodies – The entry MUST feature a resin body. Transkits and full kits okay.

Show Theme – Thirtysomething: ANY car, truck, or motorcycle born in the 30s.

Best of Show – Any model from any of the show classes is eligible. 
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